Our work

A glance, indeed, but one that gazes outwards from the inside. Never a solipsistic glance, focusing on the navel of its own aesthetics, but one that loses itself in the nooks and crannies of your soul, if only to better reflect it in your space. We are not decorators, not even interior designers: we create living and breathing spaces; we design life experiences.

22 years ago, Claudia Grajales founded Colección Interiorismo, the branch of CORE that helps you translate your most intimate self into interior design and space renovation projects, as well as residential and commercial design concepts. We give you your own space.


Inhabiting your own space

We listen to you. And from that departure point, we suggest the architect capable of shaping your dreams, we guide you through a world inhabited by furniture pieces molding themselves to your body, fabrics becoming your second skin, textures reflecting your taste, accessories bound to become necessities. Our spaces are not serial creations but mirrors to your singularity,


Opening up your space to the world

Remaining faithful to yourself even when opening that self to the other, to others: turning your space into a space for all. CORE also imagines public and commercial spaces through a process that conceives the personal as a starting point to place you in the social sphere. Not only do we listen to you: we listen to your listening of your potential clients and users in order to shape –through form, texture, space, color and light– the essence of your brand, the spirit of your project.