Relaxation Spaces

Our home is a sanctuary, a haven and a space of comfort from the upheavals of daily life. 

Independent of size and style, we can create unique relaxation spaces that not only reflect our personality but summon the peace and temperance we seek. 

These are a few pieces of advice for building the oasis of tranquility that we crave at the end of our daily battles:


So Bath | CI | Jee-o

Remove from your room those work or play elements able to disrupt your rest. You don’t need lots of space: some closet or drawer organization, décor featuring simple lines and an elimination of clutter are more than enough.


The colors we choose and their combination tell lots about us and procure sensations. Discover the ones that relax you and use them cautiously.

Whites, grays and pastels are conductive to concentration, relaxation and a sense of serenity for many. It has been stated that light blues bring forth sleep and calm, and that light purples or lilacs, neutral earth tones and light grays favor rest and meditation.


So Bath | CI | Roca

The same goes for the fabrics and soft materials you should pick for upholstery or carpets; you should also play with small accents: pillows, cushions, bedspreads, blankets and rugs.


So Bath | CI | Jee-o

You can turn your bathroom into a harmonic space through strategies such as these:

  • Sinks atop floating surfaces give a sensation of lightness.
  • Wood transmits warmth, and non-porous materials, like Perspex or glass, give an appearance of purity.
  • Order and organization are a condition of relaxation. Many pieces of furniture can be practical as well as beautiful: those offering side openings or multiple functions (such as sinks with attached drawers), and those baskets and side tables that transcend decoration.
  • Finishes add aesthetic interest and variety. Pamper yourself with reliefs and textures.

CORE offers a line of bathroom furnishings and accessories that can help you build this deep and vital experience of personal regrouping.


Lighting | El Mueble

Pay attention to lighting: white light may hinder your rest and relaxation. It’s best to choose several lamps and lightbulbs featuring warm light that allows you to build the comforting ambiance that your spirit craves, as well as to personalize lighting to your needs and schedule.


The task of designing a space for relaxation does not end with the selection of objects and furnishings; it is also wise to consider intangible elements as well as small details that awaken our senses: textures, lights and colors, namely. The personal touch brought forth by these objects’ narrative calms us and reminds us of the reasons why our home is the perfect haven not only for our body but for our spirit.

Tension is who you think you should be.
Relaxation is who you are.

Chinese Proverb