The Anatomy of Furnishings


Manutti, the Belgian design and manufacture studio that has become an international reference in outdoors furniture, defines its DNA as an incomparable passion to bring into our home the relaxation and comfort of a unique holistic experience. Chairs, sofas, tables and accessories interact in an essential system that goes from first draft to the final product we are to enjoy in our garden or terrace.

Manutti belies a devotion to design that translates into a unique daily outdoors experience, contradicting the false notion that this type of furnishings lack the soul imbuing indoor pieces.

Behold three examples of the versatility and spirituality of Manutti:


Manutti | Swing

This is an unexpected combination of the avant-garde and the retro. Every piece, every accessory belies a delicious mixture of audacity and classicism allowing us to play in any outdoors space, be it a terrace with an urban view or a garden of rare and unique greenness.

Rounded but elegant shapes transmit comfort and security in the curved structure of the chaise longue as in the comfiness of a footstool.

The star of this collection is woven resin, a material resistant to sunlight and rain, rife with beauty and functionality. Add the luxuriousness of ready-to-sit cushions and the mobility deriving from the in-bulit wheels each piece features, and the result will be a device for the best open-air slumber.


Manutti | Zendo

Another of CORE‘s favorites, with unequaled veratility; this collection of armchairs in every shape and size, perfect for personalized and flexible layouts according to the size, needs and desires of our space, reflects the holistic concept of Manutti in all its splendor.

Whatever configuration we may choose, Zendo appears as an inductor of relaxation through its sober color composition, knowing of our senses’ need for undisturbance. The same can be said for its invisibly fixed pins that allow for nothing –not even structural elements– to corrupt appearance.

Zendo furnishings are upholstered in Nautic Fabric or Nautic Leather, 100 per cent derived from an olefin developed for outdoor use, whose mass coloring offers unequaled resistance to UV light and water.


Manutti | Elements

Last but never least comes the 2014 Red Dot Award winner: the Elements collection, designed by Gerd Couckhuyt, who managed to create an ultramoduar outdoors isle that not only offers the beautiful functionality of its multiform configuration but also the mobility of regulating backs and accessories that slide through delicate grooving; footstools and side tables are no longer individual elements but extending parts of the design itself.

Pulchitude, simplicity and elegance translate into different possibilities through the combination potential of vertical or slanted seats, complete daybeds of any size, and ultra-voluminous cushions affixed by magnetic stripes.

The collection features soft and long-lasting materials such as Quaryl®, as well as a thin stripe of LEDs along the base that, besides providing light, offers the sensation of floating on a space where nothing matters but us.


Manutti | Elements

Recognized in at least 50 countries, this firm founded in the garage of the father of Stéphane de Winter (its executive director), has grown through its commitment to beauty.

All we have to believe with is our senses,

the tools we use to perceive the world:

our sight, our touch, our memory.

If they lie to us, then nothing can be trusted.

And even if we do not believe,

then still we cannot travel in any other way

than the road our senses show us;

and we must walk that road to the end.

Neil Gaiman