About us

It is true: all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. Not all scenes and not all environments shall be, however, equal: each should determine the nature of what is represented and each should reflect the talent of those appearing. Throughout almost two decades, CORE has endeavored not only to conceive interior spaces but to imagine settings that touch us, that seduce us, that foster the creation and recreation of our very own character. Art, restoration, design, light are but the tools we employ to spin tales with the ability to transform your home, giving an unexpected twist to your life story.

Our story

After a decade spent as an independent interior designer, Claudia Grajales opened her first store –located in Mexico City’s Condesa neighborhood and staffed by only three employees– in 2003, aiming to feed the increasing demand for design furniture and projects in a country that was then beginning to develop a culture in that very area. Success was swift: two years later, and holding representation for several trend-setting international firms, Grajales opened her first bureau in the Santa Fe neighborhood, where she would eventually conceive her first showroom. Thus was Colección Interiorismo born.

In 2013, on attending a function in San Miguel de Allende, Claudia rekindles her romance with that magical colonial town. She treads its cobblestoned streets. She visits its brand-new restaurants, cafés and galleries. She marvels at its architectural restoration. She sees in it a new mecca for Mexican design. She thus endeavors to find a piece of real estate to open her first store outside the capital. After many adventures, she locates a space rife for renewal and establishes an alliance with architect Alejandro d’Acosta for its refurbishment. The result is CORE, a showroom whose conception of interior design as an integrated, organic, functional and highly personal notion was to become the signature of a team that now encompasses 25 employees and millions of dreams to be given the best form.

Today, the path undertaken by Colección Interiorismo, the curatorial processes, the experiences with clients, furnishers and artists, the travels, the dialogues, and an acumen of inspiration derived from observing, listening and treading, have enabled Claudia to highlight her singularity, but also that of her clients and people, in every project.

It is thus that Claudia Grajales has managed to connect and retrace her own CORE, her essence. Thereby lie her tastes, her lines, her vision, every angle and every piece that has made her stop and think. Her musts and her non-negotiables, everything that makes her unique, strengthen each day that CORE, the soul of her brand. It is but one. Featuring a thousand shades, yes. Touched by play, dialogue, encounters, coincidences and assertions. But only one. Her very own notion of what constitutes well-being, good living.